Distraction Tactics

April 24, 2009 at 7:59 pm (Freedom, Politics) (, , , , , , , )

Distraction works! War crimes are so much more exciting than economic doom!

The “enhanced interrogation technique” of waterboarding, which our society now questions for effectiveness and moral righteousness, was used by those concerned with the security of our country. Debate will no doubt continue on whether or not its use protected us from another 911, and whether we as a nation want to be associated with such a “brutal” method of questioning captives. That’s healthy and proper. But threatening to prosecute former officials who approved and implemented this procedure is not only wrong, it provides no advantage to the current administration.

Except as a distraction. We have GM and Chrysler about to go bust, the bank stress tests’ produced universally abominable results, the economy is going down the toilet, tea party activists are threatening to unite the public against the current leadership; what better time to distract everyone with a heated argument about torturing terrorists and prosecuting Bush officials?

Never mind that “victims” of waterboarding are not permanently harmed either physically or emotionally–let’s compare it to the war crimes prosecuted at Nuremberg, where the lesser criminals were charged with implementing and furthering the Nazi “racial purity” program of exterminating the Jews.

Obama cannot really allow this political second-guessing to go forward. Would he like to be prosecuted for the things he is doing once he is out of office?

Like sending drones into Pakistan that are usually off target and kill innocent civilians instead of the hoped for al-Qaeda?* Or killing thousands of unborn children by supporting abortion and embryonic stem cell research? Or perhaps he’d like to prosecute any remaining Truman officials and bomber pilots who were involved in the nuclear weapons deployment in Japan, the only nuclear attacks to date in the history of warfare? 220,000 people were killed directly by those bombs, and more died later of radiation poisoning and cancer.

This is a distraction, and an effective one. Nice job, Dems!



*13 0f 14 predator strikes in the first 99 days of 2009 were unsuccessful, killing 150 civilians. The one successful attack was on January 1, and killed 2 most-wanted al-Qaeda members.
Pakistani Statistics on US Drone Attacks

See also Obama’s Torture Policy for the Unborn

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  1. Foxwood said,

    Let’s go surfin’ now
    Everybody’s learnin’ how
    Do some waterboardin’ with me!

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